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Google Web Designer – First Impressions

Google is at it again! With the new Google Web Designer beta dropping the web is a buzz with all things GWD. In short, it’s awesome. In long, it’s still pretty awesome. Here are the top five reasons why… 1. It’s Free This is by far the very best thing about GWD. If you can’t afford…

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Model Spotlight – Melody Garber

Today I had the chance to shoot the beautiful and talented Melody Garber. I had a lot of fun with this shoot and hope you will enjoy it also! The experience was awesome! Melody is very energetic and fun person to work with. I will definitely be using her for future shoots!    

Ethan Young & Company

Do you guys like Motown? I sure do. Check out some work I did recently for Ethan Young & Company. I got excited when I was asked if I would do some promotional flyers and handouts for the local Motown group Ethan Young & Company. The client came to me wanting a mix of fun…

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Updated Design

Why the updated design you ask? This design is easier to navigate, easier on the eyes and just more fun to look at!  

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