Google Web Designer – First Impressions

Google is at it again! With the new Google Web Designer beta dropping the web is a buzz with all things GWD. In short, it’s awesome. In long, it’s still pretty awesome. Here are the top five reasons why…

1. It’s Free

This is by far the very best thing about GWD. If you can’t afford Dreamweaver and want something light weight but powerful, GWD is the way to go!

2. It’s Easy

While I haven’t gone fully through all the features of GWD what I have seen is awesome. There are two viewing modes: Design View and Code View. The Design View is as it sounds. You can easily create text boxes, tags, and there’s a nifty little pen tool so you can create vector graphics.

3. HTML 5

Yea so this just rocks. Remember when I mentioned that you can create vector graphics? Well you can also edit them with key frames right inside GWD. Pretty flippin’ cool right?

4. The Components Pane

Need a 360 Gallery, Carousel Gallery, or Swipable Gallery? Click and drag on into your document and your set to go! There’s also iframe, google maps, Tap Areas, Videos, and Youtube embed links.

5. It’s made by Google

Google is always updating their products and making them better. Any bugs you find will be squished the next time around! There’s also a huge community behind GWD that’s eager to answer your questions.


Check back often to keep up-to-date with Google Web Designer.


Stay awesome Gotham!

Taylor Ruiz

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