Photoshop Quick Tip #1

Photoshop makes image manipulation easy, but sometimes getting the right effect can be a hassle. In this series I will be showing you some really easy ways to get expert looking effects. Most if not all of these tutorials will be stock meaning that they will not use any third party software or plugins! You will need Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Bridge however, for these tutorials to be useful to you.


Quick Tip #1 – Vignette

Vignettes give every photo a vintage looking effect and can also be applied to give the photo a more dramatic feel.

There are two ways to add a Vignette. These might not be the only two ways, but they are this is how I do them.

In Photoshop

Vignetting in Photoshop is really easy to do! Below we have a picture of Melody. The picture itself looks fine but I want to add a little vignette to it to give the picture more of a dramatic feel.


Step One:

Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Once you’ve done that marquee your entire image. After you do that, make a new layer. (cmd-j for mac. ctl-j for windows)



Step 2:

Feather your marquee (I like 200). Then go to Select -> Inverse

melo marquee feather for web




Step 3:

Edit -> Fill with black. Done



A subtle vignette adds a little drama to your photos! If you want to darken it simply duplicate the vignette and boom! Your vignette gets darker.

Next time we cover vignetting in Adobe Bridge!


stay frosty peeps!

Taylor Ruiz

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