Take A Selfie! (The Proper Way)

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

So don’t make them all bad words. Your selfie should be you. Not what other people think is cool or popular and lets be honest here; what’s popular right now is really really bad from a photography standpoint. Let me show you how it’s done.


Rule #1 – Show Your Eye(s)

Make sure your eyes are in the picture because seeing just your mouth doesn’t look good. Show us those lovely eyes! The rule of thirds also plays a part in this. If only one eye is showing that’s ok because it still gives people a place to focus on.



In the picture above the main focus is on the eyes of the subject. It’s very easy for the our eyes to go from the her eyes, to the nose, to the mouth.

Rule #2 – My Eyes Are Up Here!

In rule number one I say to give me something to focus on. This does not mean your breasts ladies! And to the gentlemen, please keep your shirt on. A selfie is meant to grab my attention and there are plenty of ways to do that. Having said that however, if you like your body and want to show what you got then by all means please do but keep in mind that you will attract the wrong kind of people!

no no no no no no


Rule #3 – Don’t Overuse Filters

You instagram junkies make me sick! If the main thing people see in your selfie is the filter then you’re doing it wrong. A filter is only ok if it doesn’t overpower the main subject (you!). Honestly I’d prefer you don’t use a filter at all.


I really like this selfie. Focus is on the eyes and there is no distracting filter.

Rule #4 – Turn Down The Flash…Please

The idea behind this rule is that you want the main focus in a selfie to be you. If the flash covers half the screen most people will pass right over you because there is no focus.

another no no

This is a serious NO. We can’t even see your face! This is also really hard on the viewer’s eyes. Please don’t do this.

Rule #5 – Be Creative

The straight face shot is not very creative! Show people a side of you they might not normally see. Experiment with a lot of different lights or editing techniques.


I love this picture. It shows the wild/fun side of him. The world needs more selfies like this!


Remember to have fun with your selfies. I can give you the tips to creating the perfect selfie but in the end its you who decides what the public sees!


Keep it real peeps! Peace.

Taylor Ruiz

Posted on January 17, 2014 in Entertainement

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